An Initiative of the New York Open Center: Toward Achieving An Art of Living

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The Art of Dying Institute

The Art of Dying Institute, an initiative of the New York Open Center is dedicated to fostering an engaged community of practitioners; researchers & scholars; educators; front-line innovators; partners; and investors to address the need for a cultural awakening around the theme of death, how we die, and the consequences for how we live.

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The Five Pillars

Love moment between mother and patient child in a hospital bedPillar I: Education & Training: We will offer integrative courses, workshops, advanced training and professional certification programs taught leading practitioners and scholars in the field of death, dying and the exploration of consciousness.

Pillar II: Research: We will partner with universities, medical centers, hospice care and other front-line organizations, including associations, government entities, foundations, corporations and individual investors, to facilitate and support opportunities to explore and document holistic modalities in end-of-life care, research, and data collection.

Pillar III: Resource Center: We will serve as a resource center and go to place for the dissemination of practical how-to manuals, white papers, scholarly works, books, resource and organization lists, videos, and audio recordings through our website, social media, and in print.

Pillar IV: Engaged Community: We will provide various engagement opportunities in-house, on-line, and off-site with partners, including talks, presentations, conferences, online forums, blogs, surveys, radio shows, and gatherings.

Pillar V: Donor Advised Fund: We will actively solicit, secure and distribute investor/donor funds in the death and dying space; offering tailored fund management services that match donor interests with Institute partners.