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Spiritual, Scientific & Practical
Approaches to Living & Dying

The Art of Dying conference series speaks to the progressive awakening of our culture to a more conscious view of our own mortality. Death and dying are topics that are discussed with increasing openness and with an awareness that our view of death profoundly impacts our experience of life

Our sixth conference proved to be well received in the series, featuring an incredible array of speakers, and content that significantly impacted those who were present for professional or personal exploration.  This series continues to show us how important this work truly is, re-affirming our commitment to continue to be part of the conversation, to drive the conversation and to share it with an engaged and inspired community

A special thank you to all of our esteemed presenters,

•Megory Anderson, PhD
•Bastiaan Baan
•Olivia Bareham
•Coleman Barks
•Ella Bittel, DVM
•Leslie Blackhall, MD
•Janet Booth, RN
•Anthony Bossis, PhD
•Amy Cunningham
•Jeanne Denney
•Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, MDiv
•Peter Fenwick, MD
•Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW
•Eugene Friesen
•Stephen Jenkinson
•David Kessler
•Simcha Raphael, PhD
•Cynda Rushton, PhD, RN, FAAN
•Robert “Tenzin” Thurman, PhD
•Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Our Partners:
International Nurse Coach Association

The Art of Dying Conference 6 is part of a series of successful conferences – breaking new ground for over 15 years – creating serious and impactful dialog on Spiritual, Scientific and Practical Approaches to Living & Dying.

Hear directly from some of our esteemed speakers briefly share, in the video clips below, some of their insights:

Art of Dying Conference 6 – Leslie Blackhall, MD, on Living and Dying
Art of Dying Conference 6 – Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW, on Finding Meaning in the Dying Process
Art of Dying Conference 6 – Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW, on the Importance of Physical Touch in Dying

Proud Partners of the Art of Dying Conference 6

The Art of Dying Conference 6 is made possible through generous donations from the Virginia B. Toulman Foundation, the Friedman Family Foundation and from the families of Selma and Harold Beckelman and Connie and Monty Horst.

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