Our Story

The Art of Dying Institute was born from five world-class Art of Dying conferences held between 1995 and 2016 with New York Open Center.  From there it expanded to offer many programs on end-of-life care and the nature of death and dying. 

Letting Go

These programs lead to the development of our Integrative Thanatology Certificate Program, created in 2015 to provide comprehensive training to those drawn to a holistic approach to dying. Originally held in person in New York City, the program shifted online during the pandemic and has since grown in size and scope, now reaching students across the United States and internationally.

The work of the Art of Dying Institute has had a profound impact on shifting the consciousness toward facing death in a healthier and more holistic manner. Our goal is to continue to evolve to address the needs of our world in grieving, death and dying and to expand our partnerships with like minded groups to make this learning more accessible to everyone.

Past Art of Dying Conferences

Art of Dying 1

Art of Dying 1 March 1995

Art of Dying 2

Art of Dying 2 March 1997

Art of Dying 3

Art of Dying 3 March 2000

Art of Dying 4

Art of Dying 4 October 2010

Art of Dying 5

Art of Dying 5 April 2015

Art of Dying 6

Art of Dying 6 October 2017

The fifth and sixth Art of Dying conferences held in New York City hosted hundreds of practitioners, researchers, scholars, organization leaders, and lay people interested and engaged in this vital field. Keynote speakers and workshop presenters were drawn from the leading figures in the field, including:


  • Eben Alexander M.D.
  • Lesley Blackhall M.D.
  • Peter Fenwick, M.D.
  • Henry Fersko-Weiss LCSW
  • Thomas Moore Ph.D.
  • Frank Ostaseski
  • Anthony Bossis, Ph.D.
  • Simcha Raphael, Ph.D.
  • Robert Thurman, Ph.D.
  • Pim van Lommel, M.D.