Tisha M. Ford, MBA: Manager, New York Open Center Institutes and Trainings

Tisha has had an eclectic career ranging from a professional dancer to a corporate executive, working for companies/brands ranging from Classic Nintendo to the National Football League. With the unique ability to balance creative visioning with devising business practices, she helped to usher in and/or evolve such initiatives as Pokemon, the NFL’s Business Connect, a Super Bowl business development program, and the NFL’s Women’s Network. As a long-time Open Center student, she discovered her deepest desire, which was to be of service, in a way that honors the holistic well-being of the individual and collective. Having the great honor to be part of an incredible team leading the charge in a crucially important initiative as the Art of Dying Institute has been one of the most life-affirming professional endeavors she has been privileged to experience. As a certified Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Energy practitioner, and contributor to the NY Open Center’s commitment to creating an urban holistic educational oasis, she is fulfilling her truest dharma.

Website: Mayawakening.com

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